Monday, October 29, 2012

Did You Dress Up as an Angel or Devil For Halloween?

join the Halloween party at Gloria's with margaritas and Halloween costumes

Halloween weekend is over, but Halloween night is still too come. There were a lot of costumed people out and about all over Dallas this weekend. If you were one of them, what did you dress up as?

The many people that I saw this weekend would agree with me that Halloween did not end when we had to stop trick or treating, I think we just traded our kid costumes in for something a little more adult and we traded candy for beer and margaritas.

All of the Gloria’s Restaurants were rocking this weekend and there were some Angels, Devils and everything in between. Gloria’s Restaurants provides the perfect atmosphere for Halloween festivities because you can transform yourself and dance away your stress while sipping on something tasty and munching on some Salvadorian treats.

Just remember, Halloween in Dallas is not over yet and you better believe that we will be rocking (do we ever really stop?). Come out and have some fun with us, you can come in costume or in your suit if you are coming after work for happy hour. The party is at Gloria’s Restaurants waiting for you.  


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