Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Deep Fried Chocolate Tres Leches Cake…Yes Please!

Image Source: Dallas News

Another year of the Texas State Fair is winding down and I thought I would take a ride over to Fair Park last night and enjoy some of the fine cuisine. I have read all the food blogs, and seen all of the pictures on Instagram from my food friends about all the fried food, but what to have?

I was not in the most adventurous mood so I figured I would try a couple fried foods and the state fair staple, the turkey leg. I passed on the fried biscuits and gravy and went for the fried chicken and waffle. I realized once I got it that it really wasn't that exotic, but it was still chicken and waffles so I was happy. When you go to the fair you have to set the correct expectations, this was not going to be fine dining; it is just going to be walking around shoveling fried food in your mouth. This was not chicken and waffles from Jonathon’s in Oak Cliff, but they were still satisfying. 

After nibbling on a little turkey leg I wanted something sweet but I wasn't sure what to try. It was like this weird light had guided me to the deep fried chocolate tres leches cake stand and there it was in my hands. I begrudgingly had to share it with someone, but I guess that just makes my personal trainer’s job easier. The first couple bites were good, but then the sweet tooth kicked in and I was thoroughly enjoying this crispy sweet treat. I had already set the expectation that it was not going to be as good as the tres leches cake from Gloria’s Restaurant and it wasn't even comparable, but I still ate every crumb of it and licked the spoon. 

There is a certain whimsy about the state fair that makes you feel like a kid again, and I think that makes the food taste even better. 

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  1. Forget about fats, I so love this one! Must try also from a new york catering group that I got before. Too much love for me!