Monday, April 9, 2012

Gloria’s Restaurants welcomes Yu Darvish

We were excited as everyone else for the Texas Ranger’s opening weekend, but we are even more excited for tonight.

Tonight is the night that we get to see Yu Darvish make his first start. The world and all of Gloria’s Restaurants will be watching.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Yu Darvish and offer him some Texas hospitality:

1. We want to let you know that Dallas and your teammates have your back tonight, so there is not any need to be nervous. Pitch a great game, and then take you teammates (minus Josh Hamilton) out for a drink. Gloria’s has award winning Margaritas that are excellent for celebrating.

2. The “champion dog” might look good, but do not eat it on a game day!

3. You might have grown up idolizing Ichiro, but he is your enemy now.

4. Salsa is not only a type of food, but also at type of dancing. At Gloria’s Restaurants we have both…stop by and have some fun!

5. People might try and call you names to get you off your game. Just remember as Nuke Laloosh once said “I’m the one driving the Porsche.”


  1. I hope he'll be a good entertainer.

  2. He can certainly do a lot to bring the U.S and Japan closer together.