Thursday, April 19, 2012

Celebrate National Garlic Day at Gloria’s Restaurants

Hold up, stop the press it’s that time again, National Garlic day all day April 19 2012. We know you’re excited, and why not, garlic is great, just check out some of our favorite dishes that contain this Allium.

The Huachinango Sarteneado, our pan seared red snapper and the Costa del Sol Huachinango our chili rubbed red snapper are set on a bed of rice with asparagus spears, served with a corn salsa and sautéed in a white wine garlic sauce that’s to die for. Top it off with our daily happy hour specials and award winning margaritas and it makes for the best National Garlic Day ever.

If your taste buds desire something else, you can order from the numerous dishes that contains onions, a close relative of the garlic bulb, on Gloria’s menu. Either way you go you can’t lose.

Happy National Garlic Day!

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