Thursday, December 29, 2011

Gloria’s Restaurants Owners Awarded Immigrant Journey Trailblazer Award

Jose Fuentes and Gloria Rubio, owners of Gloria’s Restaurants received the 2011 Immigrant Entrepreneur Award. The Awards were hosted at The Park City Club with guest speaker, noted New York Times columnist and author, Ganand Giridharadas. Every year the Badmus Law firm gives this award to honor those immigrants who have shown the courage and fortitude to create a successful life in their newly adopted country.  The Immigrant Journey Awards include four categories: The Immigrant Entrepreneur Award, The Immigrant Professional Excellence Award, The Immigrant Spirit Award, and The Immigrant Advocate Award.  Both Gloria and Jose were both honored and humbled to win Immigrant Entrepreneur Award and to be included in such an outstanding group of immigrant trailblazers.  Jose thanks Badmus, Citibank and his hardworking employees for making Gloria’s a favorite spot for so many across Texas.  According to Jose, the most important thing to remember is that “the award celebrates the basic human right for freedom of choice,” and because this nation has that freedom, it “allows human beings to build their future wherever they see opportunities”

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