Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dallas Observer Best of Award "Best Margarita" Bishop Ave. 2011


A purist might scoff, but sometimes you order a margarita with one explicit purpose. If getting tanked is your goal, then your best margarita can be found at Gloria's.  Sure they use a mix, but at least they use it sparingly.  The drinks arrive barely tinted with sours and almost clear with alcohol.  That first sip? Rocket fuel!  But things will even out soon enough.  Keep drinking while you munch on free chips with salsa and black bean dip, and then order a second round.  Still think this might not be the best margarita in town?  Order a third, and repeat this process as necessary.  Given time, and an iron stomach, eventually you'll agree that Gloria’s has the best margarita in Dallas.

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