Monday, August 27, 2012

A Yelp Review We Had To Share

Tres Leches Cake

When we found this review written by Kellie S. we had to share, not because she enjoyed her meal (which she did), it is because she took some amazing pictures of our food and she is a great writer. Kellie posted this review on Yelp, and we are honored to be among her other great four star reviews.

Here are some excerpts from her review, and her entire review can be found on her Kellie s yelp page page:

"Gloria's Restaurant Dallas is a Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant with nice decor and great waitstaff."

"The salsa was good but did not have a kick. The chips we light and crispy -- just the way I like them. This is the first time I've ever been offerred black bean dip with chips. I liked it. It was hard to stop eating the chips with the black bean dip. I actually preferred it over the salsa.

My hubby and I split a small order of the chicken soup ($4.95 for a small and $9.95 for a large). The broth was very flavorful and filling. The soup had shredded chicken, rice, onions, carrots and chunks of avocado. The avocado was so creamy.
I ordered the lunch Carne Flameada in beef. It is served with sautéed onions, mushrooms & Queso Flameado over it with refried beans & rice for $9.95. You can opt for chicken instead of beef. The dish originally came with black beans but I asked for refried beans. I wanted to see which tasted better. I actually like the black beans better but the refried beans were very good too. My steak was cooked to perfection. The onions and mushrooms were perfectly seasoned and not overdone.

We were pretty full because the entrees were quite large but we still ordered dessert. We opted for the tres leches cake. Oh did we make a good decision. This was a three layer, three milk cake. Three dollops of whipped cream and small slices of strawberries on the side. Man was this cake awesome! Not too sweet with just enough milk to moisten the cake but not overpower. They claim to have the best flan in town."

We thank Kellie S. very much for the kind words and hope to see her back soon. If you have a review or pictures you would like to share, you can post it on Yelp, or Urban Soon or submit your comments on our Gloria's Restaurant Blog .

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