Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come get your Irish on at Gloria’s Restaurants

No one celebrates St. Patrick’s Day like the Salvadorians. Gloria’s will be the ultimate party spot after this year’s (Mark Cuban provided) St. Patrick’s Day parade. The bar will be rocking with every TV showing March Madness basketball, and the festive Margaritas will be flowing until we close.

Our menu will include a couple special dishes. Irish soda bread is very tasty, but not as yummy as our version…we call it black bean dip. A typical dish on St. Patrick’s Day might consist of corned beef and potatoes, but it is very heavy and could slow down your party. Instead we offer enchiladas and fajitas, which you can hold in one hand.  This leaves your other hand free for a cold beverage.

One of the chefs the other day was saying that they are a little bit Irish on their mother’s side, and he made me aware of something I would not have known. He said that chimichanga is actually Irish for “tasty goodness”.

These are just some of the reasons why you should come to Gloria’s Restaurants for authentic St. Patrick’s Day fun. We will be celebrating until the wee hours at all of our locations. Check back here soon for more exciting news!

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