Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gloria’s bean dip makes everything …better!

Everything is better with bean dip. True story.

If you’ve had the award winning bean dip here at Gloria’s, you know how addicting it can be. From the very moment it touches your taste buds, you find yourself caught in a whirlwind of culinary heaven. It’s the perfect complement to any meal (and no, we won’t give the recipe away. You’ll just have to come in to Gloria’s to enjoy the bean dip). That being said, let’s look at some possible scenarios that could be enhanced by our famous black bean dip.

1).Chips and Salsa
The standard here at Gloria’s. We’re so proud of this dip, and we are a cut above your ordinary Latin American restaurant. Therefore, you get unlimited black bean dip with your chips and salsa when you sit down. Chips and salsa alone are amazing. However, chips and salsa with black bean dip is an experience you’ll never forget.

2). The Stanley Cup
Just think about it. It’s common for beer to get poured from the Stanley cup. Therefore, why not do something out of the ordinary? If the Dallas Stars were to bring the cup back home to Dallas, wouldn’t it be better if they filled it with Black Bean Dip for the ultimate dip bowl?

3). Your Margarita at Gloria’s
Award winning bean dip goes great with award winning margaritas. We take pride in everything we do, so coupling two award winning specialties together before you feast on some mouthwatering Salvadorian, Tex-Mex, or Latin favorites is the obvious choice of greatness.

4). Working
Sometimes, working can be a bit rough. Especially around 3 PM, when your body just wants to take a nap for an hour. If there was an endless supply of black bean dip handy, you might just never even have that 3 PM crash. Think about how much better a work day would be if it was loaded with bean dip. What a perfect universe.

5). Any entrée at Gloria’s
The black bean dip is a perfect complement to any meal you could possibly have here at Gloria’s. That’s one of the reasons we serve it. So please, when it comes to your entrée, try something different every time. But keep the black bean dip a continual ritual. You won’t be able to get enough of it!

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