Friday, January 27, 2012

Gloria’s Restaurants - It’s what’s For Lunch

Fajitas from Gloria's Restaurant-Austin-Dallas-Houston

Whether you are simply enjoying your afternoon or if you are on the midday lunch hunt with your co-workers, looking for a restaurant for lunch doesn’t ever have to be a daunting task. In fact, Gloria’s helps simplify things for you by offering you a lunch menu with gourmet dishes and desserts at $10.99 and under.

Our service is top notch, and the menu is diverse. From dishes such as Salmon Costeno to Fajitas, to Salads or even Tex Mex and Salvadorian sampler dishes, Gloria’s has you covered. Don’t forget this also includes our bottomless chips and salsa with our award winning black bean dip. If you’re not pressed for time, feel free to enjoy a hand crafted cocktail or even one of our award winning margaritas. If you’ve got room for dessert, don’t forget to try our Milk Flan, Chocolate Flan, or our World Famous Tres Leches!

Simply put, there is no greater lunch experience than Gloria’s in the state of Texas. With 14 locations across the state of Texas there’s no better alternative for the lunch crowd. 

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