Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What is Salvadorian Food?

What foods come to mind when you think of Salvadorian food?  Do you think of black beans, tacos and burritos?  Or do you think of tamales, plantains and pupusas?  Because most people don’t understand the differences between Mexican food and Salvadorian cuisine, here’s a  simple list of Salvadorian foods which can help you become a connoisseur of all things Salvadorian.

·         Tamales: What Salvadorian dish wouldn’t be complete without tamales?  Tamales are pouches of corn dough filled with meat or sweet corn, boiled to perfection, served in banana leaves.
·         Empanadas: Empanadas taste great and can be both pastries made of flour, stuffed with meat, potatoes and/or cheese or they can be a dessert consisting of fried plantains stuffed with sweet cream. 
·         Pupusas: This tasty dish aims to please, consisting of thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, meat, squash and/or other fillings. 
·         Platanos fritos: Meaning fried plantains in Spanish, this yummy snack consists of plantains which are deep-fried to perfection, most resembling the banana. 

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